Tempo – Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack – Light

Tempo – Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack – Light

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Tempo – Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack – Light


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The Tempo Studio is your personal trainer and home gym, all in one. Powered by 3D Vision and AI, Tempo learns about your body and goals to recommend guided workouts that help you progress faster. Tempo – Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack – Light As you train, our 3D sensor tracks your form so our AI can analyze it against millions of hours of data to deliver instant personal feedback. Tempo – Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack – Light? without


Personal Metrics

Using 3D Vision and AI, Tempo tracks and records personal metrics to help you progress safely with every workout, including: Form Correction, Rep Targeting, Intensity Adjustment, and Progress Tracking.

Form Correction

3D Tempo Vision reviews your form and offers feedback in real time so you can make adjustments and progress safely toward your goals.

Rep Targeting

As you train, 3D Tempo Vision keeps a real-time count of every rep and sets the best pace for your workout so you can focus on your form and progress quickly and safely.

Intensity Adjustment

Our AI-powered weight guidance lets you know when you’re ready to lift heavier so you can safely build strength without ever sacrificing form.

Progress Tracking

The Tempo Studio helps you realize your strength and move toward your goals, while our supportive community celebrates your wins and how far you’ve come.

Class Recommendations

Set your goals and Tempo will recommend workouts designed to help you hit them. Tempo offers hundreds of live and on-demand classes including strength training, mobility, HIIT and more. Our interactive workouts are designed using fitness science and data to help you progress.


Exclusive to Best Buy, Tempo pairs all of the features with an expanded set of accessories. Including a 42’ HD touchscreen display, a sleek, free-standing design, and the complete accessory Starter Pack including: barbell, heart rate monitor, workout mat and recovery roller.

Interactive Coaching

Our expert coaches are motivators that guide you through every workout. While they provide extra motivation during live classes, you will benefit from real-time form feedback in both live and on-demand workouts through a powerful mix of actual coaching and our smart technology.


One membership, unlimited accounts. For $39/mo, your membership gets you and everyone in your household a personal account with access to hundreds of classes. New workouts, group sessions, and tailored training programs are added daily. 12-month membership required, sold separately.

The Tempo App

Free with membership, the Tempo mobile app creates a weekly sequence of workouts designed to meet your goals through its core feature, My Plan. Designed to fit your schedule, the app offers classes on your preferred days and tracks your progress, so all you have to do is show up.


Tempo is a supportive, encouraging community that trains together, celebrates every win, and works as a team to hit their goals.

order for Tempo – Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack – Light, celebrate and be satisfied.

What’s Included

  • 2 X 7.5 LB DUMBBELLS
  • 1 X 25 LB BARBELL
  • 4 X 10 LB PLATES
  • 4 X 5 LB PLATES
  • 4 X 2.5 LB PLATES
  • 4 X 1.25 LB PLATES


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